The Fantasy Art of Jane Hepburn

We are often told “you never know what’s around the corner”. As far as my journey to becoming a fantasy artist goes, never was a truer word spoken. 

My formative years were spent exploring the English countryside: a place where I could let my body and mind run wild. 

Trips to the Scottish Highlands to visit relatives only cemented that passion, instilling in me a deep connection with and profound love of nature, animals and the endless beauty of our green and gorgeous environment. 

Coming to America 

My love of adventure was born at an early age and, alongside love and fashion, it swept me to America and the hustle and bustle of New York and Los Angeles. 

There, I carved out a career as a video director and videographer. As well as being fascinated by and passionate about the moving image, I also embraced a growing interest in photography. 

As anyone behind a camera lens will tell you, there’s a real thrill in capturing an instant in time. It’s fleeting and ethereal , yet at the same time magical and eternal. 

When I returned to the UK, it felt so natural to explore new ways to present my photographs. It led, very organically, to learning about the fine art of framing. 

My exposure to that environment, so different to the world of videography, proved utterly inspiring. Before long, I was experimenting with my own frames and mounts. 

Taking the final step and picking up a paintbrush felt so natural and obvious, I can hardly remember what life was like before I painted. 

Creating imaginary worlds 

As a videographer, I always treated the small screen as a canvas: a place to tell stories of glamour and beauty. A tool enabling me to speak to people on several levels. 

Painting has become a natural extension of that art: only this time the worlds I am creating are from my own imagination. 

The limits that used to inform my work - sales objectives and client deliverables - all melted away. 

What compels me to put brush to canvas is a far deeper, more emotional drive. 

I want to bring to life the elements of the real world that I love and feel profound connections with: horses and Salukis, as well as creating more fantastical creatures and places. 

Freedom of expression

The liberty I have found in my fantastical art allows me to take every emotion that flows through me and put it on canvas. 

Gone are the limitations or restrictions imposed by the real world. In their place are beautiful combinations of colour and form: whispers of voices from times past and glimpses at beloved figures from my imagination. 

Nature and animals are often at the heart of my pieces. They are themes I return to again and again because they are endlessly fascinating to me, but also I can put my own twist on them to create entirely new and beautiful worlds. 

Painting allows me to channel these mystical places and beings, and bring their influence to life on canvas or paper. 

Inspiration all around 

My love for the natural world informs so many of my paintings but it’s not the only source of inspiration. There are so many female figures around me who bring me joy and give me strength. 

Visions of actress Marilyn Monroe led to a diamond-dust encrusted work that almost painted itself. I sent ‘Big Love, Love Big’ to the amazing Diane von Furstenberg after working with her, while the intelligence and empathy of Audrey Hepburn prompted me to paint ‘Over the Rainbow’.

My curiosity about the relationship between my Scottish ancestors and the Vikings led to my creating the super being Queen Galdra, as well as honouring the late Queen Elizabeth in my own, very personal way. 

Never be afraid...

When I was younger, I would ride around a 15-acre field with just a halter, bareback, trusting my horse and without a care in the world.. 

Yet the thought of making the wrong life choices filled my impulsive and experimental self with dread. Luckily I embraced my love of adventure and went on to make lots of wonderful decisions, some for good, some less so. All of them were opportunities to learn. 

That fearlessness has now translated itself into my art. The Lady of Beginnings was the first painting I completed, but she almost didn’t make it. 

While bringing it into the world, I struggled to balance the foreground and background, and the more I tried to solve the problem, the worse the painting looked. 

For a long time I resisted painting over everything but when I finally relented and got out the sprayer, as if by magic the work finally came together. 

My Lady taught me many things, including the importance of not being frightened to change your mind. 

Explore my fantasy art

I invite you to come and explore my worlds, hopefully they will provide you with the same inspiration, strength and joy my craft has given me. 

You can browse all my art and artwork on my website as well as a selection at TAP Galleries

All my works are printed on acid free archival paper, standard paper and canvas. Each print hand finished and is completely unique, and every one is signed and has an ID number. 

If you want to discuss a commission or have any questions, don’t hesitate to fill in this contact form and I’ll get back to you straight away. 

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