Marilyn Monroe and me...

Simply Marilyn

Millions of people loved and continue to love Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe. She lit up movie screens throughout her short life, bewitching the world with her unique beauty and fierce intelligence, before her untimely death in 1962. 

Since then, countless forms of art have tried to capture her essence: that combination of beauty, vulnerability, sexuality, wit and charm that made her a true star. 

Marilyn Monroe is someone who both intrigues and fascinates me for reasons that go beyond the silver screen. That is why she is the subject of three very different paintings.

Happy Place

 “I like animals. If you talk to a dog or a cat, it doesn’t tell you to shut up,” Marilyn Monroe once famously quipped. She also said: “Dogs never bite me. Just humans.”

"Happy Place" was my first Marilyn painting.  Over time I became more and more drawn to her and felt a strong pull to paint her. Marilyn was a gentle being, it’s clear to me that she had an affinity with animals, and I wanted to put that front and centre in this colourful painting. 

In this Marilyn Monroe painting I wanted to portray her relaxed and happy, in the company of the pets that made her smile. 

The painting works on several levels: first and foremost, it showcases the love Marilyn had for dogs among other animals. Second, it demonstrates their trust in her: they deeply connect with her too.

Third, while she is dressed to the nines in the red dress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which still wouldn’t be out of place on the red carpet, Marilyn’s full attention is given to the little dog, rather than the flashbulbs of cameras. She's in her "Happy Place".

It is, for me, a painting about the blissfulness and joy we feel when in the company of loved ones.

Channelling Marilyn 

The colour white is often associated with Marilyn in art and in her life: from her platinum blonde hair to the famous dress she wore in The Seven Year Itch. 

It felt appropriate for it to be the main colour in this Marilyn Monroe painting, with its meditative grey background. I wanted to capture the old black and white feel.

One of her most successful films, Some Like It Hot, was shot in black and white, and I think it made her look even more ethereal. 

In my Channeling Marilyn, my emphasis was her ethereal presence and her connection with all. Marilyn was ahead of her time and enjoyed yoga and meditation. I think she looks at peace in my painting.

Interestingly, after creating the original Marilyn Monroe painting, an image of her with white birds kept popping into my mind’s eye. It was only when I contacted Scott Fortner, who owns the biggest collection of Marilyn memorabilia, that I learned she did indeed keep them as pets. 

As a final touch, I hand finish these soothing prints with diamond dust. 

Simply Marilyn

 I was moved to paint Marilyn in a simple, familiar way. To celebrate her originality, her pioneering spirit, her beauty and magic. Marilyn is wearing the dress she wore to sing Happy Birthday to JFK. She was bold, brilliant and exceptionally beautiful.

There is a very different, almost starkness, to this third Marilyn Monroe painting, Simply Marilyn. I’m not a pulp artist by any means, but this has that kind of feel to it. I wanted it to be all about her, portrayed in an iconic, easily recognizable way.

She is painted wearing the dress that lit up the stage at John F Kennedy’s birthday celebration, held at Madison Square Garden just months before her death. Often referred to as the "Birthday Dress".

Along with the recognizable dress, I painted her classic Marilyn hair do. Always on and ready for action, as you would expect from the star, and she faces us head on. 

As your eyes move down the painting she becomes ethereal, so present and almost in the room, supported by the velvety blue background... 

Marilyn Monroe prints for sale

I invite you to take a closer look at my Marilyn Monroe prints. She is a source of inspiration to me, and I hope my work has the same effect on you. 

I've created several versions of the Simply Marilyn print, the original, "Bold, Brilliant, Beautiful", "Happy Birthday", "Happy Christmas", and some others

You can browse all my art and artwork here on my website as well as a selection of Limited Edition prints at TAP Galleries.. 

All my works are printed on acid-free archival paper, standard paper and archival canvas. Each print is hand finished and is completely unique, every one is signed and has an ID number. 

If you want to discuss a print or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to fill in this contact form and I’ll get back to you straight away.

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