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I wanted to let you know that each hand painted print is lovingly painted by me to create a unique piece. No two painted prints are exactly the same. Nothing is mass produced and therefore takes time to create. <3

The prints will likely be a slightly different colour to what you see on your screen as screens all vary as do prints on different surfaces.

The paints react differently to each surfaces whether canvas or various types of paper. This means that the paper or canvas will not lie absolutely flat. The paper can vary a lot.

Please remove the art from the tube with utmost care. Find a clean, flat surface, larger than the art. Carefully remove the tissue paper and place on the paper, art side up. Place more tissue on top of the art to protect it. You can gentle place magazines on top of it to help flatten it. If you are not experienced with handling art it may be safer to open it at your framers. A painting can be easily torn if it is unpacked in correctly.

Due to the art being rolled, it may take a couple of days to flatten. Once framed, this will resolve itself.

Take care to tell your framer not to allow glass or other glazing to touch the surface of the art. If the art is on paper without a mount, a mount can be used or a filet to separate from the glazing. The paper prints look great float mounted.

Canvas' will require stretching. This has to be done with utmost care as the canvas has been printed on and is not the same texture as a raw piece of canvas. Please ask a professional to stretch the canvas for you to avoid risks of tearing and damaging the art.

I don't accept returns, exchanges or cancellations
But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.