Jane Self Portrait Scottish Highlands
Hello and welcome to my website and print shop.

I was born and raised in the English countryside. As soon as I could I took off for other places. I spent most of my adult life living in America, predominantly in Los Angeles. I arrived there via fashion, love and adventure. I spent many years working as a video director and videographer with some incredible beings such as Diane von Furstenberg, Eva Longoria, Ken Paves, Jessica Simpson, P!nk, Geena Davis, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, Paula Abdul, Suzanne Somers, & others.

My love of beauty and movement led me to photography. On returning to the UK I begun to explore presenting my photography in different ways. I started to learn fine art framing at a local framers. Surrounded by fine art I became inspired and began to paint my own frames, mounts and then paintings.… I discovered I loved to paint. I discovered a creative freedom I didn't know existed. Having worked as a professional creative for decades I was used to 'limits', sales objectives, client deliverables etc. With my paintings I am free to express whatever runs through me.

I am an intuitive Artist. My paintings come from my imagination, my life, my heart, my fantastical world, channeling mystical beings.

I love animals, nature, beauty, movement, love, female empowerment. I am blessed to have grown up with horses, dogs, cats and many other furry and feathered friends. Now they come to life with my brushes.

From my original paintings I create prints on acid free archival paper, standard paper and canvas’. All prints are signed and numbered/ID'd. Some I take and hand paint it to connect back to the original. I often add elements and I also do some gold leaf gilding on certain ones. Each print becomes completely unique. Most of the paintings can be printed close to the original size. I also make smaller versions when feasible. All print sizes include border. For my own collections I paint the frames to connect to the paintings. 

Sizes are always approximate. My numbering system is my own. I number each print as I complete it. The numbers go according to the size and material. E.g. the first print on a specific type of canvas or paper at a specific size will be #1. In the same size on a different material, it will also be #1. The next in the exact same size and material will #2 and so on. On occasion I create a print and add elements only on that print. These have an addition to their name and are not numbered. All painted prints are uniques.

Thank you for visiting, Loving thoughts, Jane

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