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The Healer

This painting is called “The Healer”. During a rather difficult time, exacerbated by COVID Lockdowns, I hit a low point. When my sweet dog, Ra’Ra, went through multiple invasive surgeries within a five month period, I totally lost my faith. It was a one thing too many moment. I became afraid to dream, to think ahead as so many things had gone wrong. Not being able to protect Ra’Ra and prevent her pain left me feeling utterly broken. Of course, I also needed to snap out of it and take care of my loved ones, get back in motion, even without ‘dreams’. I did an ‘angel reading’. During the reading I had a vision of my spirit guide, (a Native American Chief/Medicine man) scooping up a lifeless little girl and returning her life force to her. I guess looking back it was the child in me he was healing. Painting the vision was profoundly emotional and sacred for me. My dear old friend and extraordinary Sat Nam Rasayan healer, Guru Dev Singh Khalsa, who left this life in the spring, appeared to me. I laughed and cried as I felt his very strong presence as I painted away. This painting holds a lot of meaning to me. Love and Light, Jane

The original is on canvas, 92 x 122 cm. (4ft x 3ft) Acrylics and emulsions.

I can create prints close to the original size either on cotton canvas or archival paper.