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Strength & Stay

This painting is of a younger Queen Elizabeth. I painted Her Majesty with treasured elements of Her Majesty’s life with Prince Philip. Corgi’s Susan & Willow, Sherry their black Labrador, Her Majesty’s Champagne & Prince Philip’s beer. Prince Philip’s gifts of the Grima Brooch and heart shaped diamond. Princess Margaret’s King Charles Spaniel, Her Majesty’s racing pigeons, favourite flowers, Lily of the Valley and last but not least Her Majesty’s fell pony, Carltonlima Emma. Prince Philip was Her Majesty’s "Strength & Stay” she fondly said at her Golden Wedding Anniversary and Her Majesty is ours.

Earlier this year I wrote to Her Majesty & enclosed a print of the painting. (I wanted to send her the original but Her Majesty does not accept unsolicited gifts of this nature). I wrote “During this difficult COVID era, Your Majesty has been and continues to be the leader who has inspired me the most. Today, undoubtedly, Your Majesty is our country’s “Strength and Stay”. I explained the painting was my way of honouring their relationship.  About 10 days later I was thrilled to receive a reply from one of Her Majesty’s Ladies-In-Waiting, (who had previously been the Queen Mother’s Lady-In-Waiting). I’ve included an excerpt of the letter here. I felt so joyed & grateful. Long Live The Queen!

I painted the original in June 2021. I am making a Special Edition of 70 archival prints. Each will be hand painted and stamped with the Platinum Jubilee Logo and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. (Approx size, Paper 67.0 x 53.0 cm (4/5cm brds) Art 59.0  44.0cm/26.5” x 20.75” art 23.25” x 17.25”)