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"Papa Don't Go", Death of the Patriarch

“Papa Don’t Go” Death of the Patriarch”.
A close friend’s father died last year. The service was beautiful, heartbreaking and all encompassing. He was an Indian Muslim who had come to the UK with his wife and two young daughters who later married Jewish men and converted. Their mother had passed suddenly some years before and they had chosen a lot in a lovely multi faith area of the cemetery. The ethereal women are not the actual daughters and granddaughters but do represent their essence. The winged lioness represents their mother/grandmother waiting for her husband. I included symbols of religions, love, re-birth and a songbird. We all came together from different upbringings and beliefs, bonding with a higher love and respect for this profoundly loved and cherished gentleman, son, father, grandfather. May our higher love keep our hearts open and our ‘sight’ clear.

Original art approx 80 x 60 cm