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Swan - 20" x 16" mount, A3 Aperture. #1
Hepburn Art

Swan - 20" x 16" mount, A3 Aperture. #1

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This  print will be hand painted once ordered. It is in stock. The painting takes approx three days it then has to dry thoroughly before posting.

This painting isn’t really finished… I had thought I would call it Lady of the Swans. We had a family of swans on the lake. When I begun the painting, all was peaceful but the male was very aggressive. Each year getting worse. He killed his beautiful mate and all their cygnets except one. This was the second mate and family he had killed. Each mating season he went on a killing spree. We did what we could to protect all the birds. For two years, a younger male, tried to win over his remaining daughter… this year he succeeded somehow… the older male left… all the loss, at his doing, was heart breaking to me. Now he has gone, peace has returned but I am unable to do more to the painting.

Available in other sizes. Please enquire.

Hand painted print and mount. Unique piece. #1

Inks, Emulsions, Acrylics. Matt 180gsm